7 Things Not to Do If You Don't Want to Annoy Your Cat!

If your cat seems irritable or anxious, it's possible that he's upset about something to do with the way you treat him. There could be mistakes that you make with your cat that make him feel low. If you're a cat owner, what follows is a list of seven things that you could be doing to upset your pet.

You leave your cat home alone for too long

Many people believe that cats are solitary creatures, and don't need to socialize. Certainly, you can easily leave a cat home alone for longer than a dog. Cats do crave company, however. If you leave your cat alone for hours each day, he could very well become depressed. Ideally, you should spend at least 15 minutes with your cat once every four hours. If you don't have the time, you should think about adopting another cat. Your cat would have a full-time friend then.

You neglect to clean your cat's litter box regularly

Cats hate a dirty litter box just the way humans find dirty toilets distasteful. You should clean out your cat's litter box at least on alternate days. If you have more than one cat, you should clean every day. If you hate cleaning the litter box, you could simply get a self-cleaning model. You should also make sure that you replace the litter at least once every two weeks, more frequently if you have more than one cat.

You serve your cat food that isn't fresh

People hate spoiled food, and so do cats. Spoiled food tastes bad to cats, and can also sicken them. You should be careful with the amount of food that you place in your cat's dish at every meal. If you find that your cat leaves a sizable quantity uneaten, you shouldn't leave the food in the dish. It could spoil. You need to serve your cat smaller portions. It would also be a good idea to ask your pet's vet about how much your cat should be eating.

Cats hate it when you give them medicine that tastes bad

It can be hard to get a cat to swallow a pill that is unpalatable. Often, cats will not swallow medicine that tastes bad; they will just hold it in their throats, and spit out after a while. The best way to administer a pill to a cat is to hide it in one of the many kinds of ready-made soft treats with inbuilt pill pockets that pet stores sell. If you don't have such a treat handy, however, you'll need to feed your cat its medications the direct way. You'll need to first get your cat to accept having you handle his face and mouth. Once you feed your cat a pill, you can give him a small treat to reward him for being cooperative.

Cats don't like it when you pet them aggressively

You need to pay close attention to whether your cat is comfortable being petted through the length of his body. If you cat tenses up, you should know that you're petting a part of the body that doesn't feel good. Usually, cats groom themselves around the neck and head, and prefer to be touched only in those areas.

Cats hate it when you turn up the volume

In general, cats hate loud noises. If you're about to play a loud movie on the TV, or are about to have a party with loud music, you should put your cat away in a room that's quiet, where he won't be disturbed by all the noise. It's especially a good idea to find your cat a quiet place to stay in when there are fireworks outside around a time like Independence Day.

Cats aren't fussy. They do have some simple needs, however, and require that humans respect those needs. All you need to do is to be sensitive to them.

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